Buying a house questions

How much does Hizzil cost for Buyers?
FREE! Hizzil is Free for Buyers. Add your Wishlist to find your "Dream Home" and have Sellers Invite You.
Can I use my own Real Estate Agent?
Yes...Use your preferred realtor as your agent. Ask your Realtor to join as a member and they can invite you to add a Wishlist.
Does my Wishlist have to be Qualified?
Yes...A Lender or Realtor can qualify your Wishlist. Once your Wishlist is qualified, it will be added to the search for Sellers to connect and invite you to their home.
How do I add my Realtor?
Two ways: Your realtor can share their Realtor Profile link with you to create a Wishlist. (or) In your Buying Portal - Add Wishlist and search Realtor's name in the "My Realtor" field.
How to Qualify my Wishlist?
Buyers search and apply for loans. Once ready for qualification, Add your Lender to your Wishlist. Your lender will be able to qualify your Wishlist.
Don't Have my "Must-Have"?
Send us an email with your must have suggestion.
Buyers - Please use your current Realtor?
Buyers are encouraged to use their own Realtor. Example; IF a Realtor has shown you more than 2 properties...please search and add your Realtor to your Wishlist. Buying agents can spend a lot of time and money showing properties, so please offer your current Realtor your Wishlist listing first.
My Wishlist is Qualified but I do not have a Realtor?
Wishlists that have been qualified by their Lender will be able to receive Seller property invitations. Once a buyer accepts a property invitation, Hizzil will connect you with a local Realtor automatically.