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Hizzil platform displays the active and qualified Buyer's in a Real Estate Market.

We believe the market is evolving in 2 major ways.

1) Sellers and Buyers have real time housing info same as Realtors.

2) The number of people looking to buy in certain markets is greater than the demand available.

We hope you enjoy our hizzil. Hizzil is a Tallahassee native and currently in Pre-launch.

Email us at: hizzil@hizzil.com

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Seller Safegards

Know your Buyer Pool
Prepare your home by buyer type. If the primary buyer for your property is an FHA buyer, then it is best to have functionality items such as roof, A/C and appliances working. If you have a luxury buyer, it may be best to upgrade cosmetics.
Commission and Duties
Sellers offer the BUYER"S AGENT 3% commission. Hence - Sellers will have to perform SELLING AGENT'S duties listed in Seller's Checklist.
What is an "As-Is" contract?
"AS-IS" to a seller is not always As-Is. If your buyer is financing, the lender and insurance will REQUIRE specific conditions are met. For Example, most insurance companies will not insure a home with a roof over 20 years. IF the seller wants the property to qualify for financing, then the roof will have to be replaced prior to sale. CASH buyers will be the only true "As-Is" sale for there are no contingencies placed by 3rd parties.
Appraisal Safegard
All financing purchases require an appraisal ordered by the lender. ONLY CASH buyers do not require appraisals. To safeguard the sale, the seller may ask for the sale price to match the appraisal price. This is a great safeguard to ensure the contract price is fair market value.